Tuesday, June 27, 2017

That day

That day. The one I got the car stuck in sand and everything. Sand in every crevice and all that. Yes, that day. That's when I met Dobbin or Dobbinina or whatever tis called here sheltering with its pals near a wall near the beach on the west-side of this fair isle as force 8 gusts swept in.

Oh, what a lovely horsey. Smiled at me when I took it's likeness with me camera. Shook its head nicely and posed while its pals looked on adoringly.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Few days ....

Few days are complete without a walk on one of the islands' many beaches. This is Traigh Mhor in the village complete with ox-bow puddle where the river comes out. The water is often brown here as it carries the stains from the peat the water emanates from. After it comes from the clouds, and the evaporation etc.

Were walked along the track looking down at this magnificent beach yesterday. Bit better than the day before when we got the car stuck in wind blown soft, dry sand on a track on the west side of the island. Twas blowing a mere force 8, the waves crashing on the remote beach and the sand migrating onto the track from the beach. I mis-judged it somewhat and we spent the next half an hour digging the vehicle out with out hands. Needless to say the car ended up full of wind blown sand - as did we. Sand has been falling out my hair ever since ! At least, I hope it's sand !

Friday, June 23, 2017

I noticed that too

This is a cat.
Not HHHCB mind you.
But a cat all the same.
I know not it's pet human.

This is a colour snap.
On colour film.
I know not

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Why did you not write a message?

Francis Chichester said of his boat Gypsy Moth IV;
" She is cantankerous and difficult and needs a crew of three - a man to navigate, an elephant to move the tiller and a 3'6" (1.1 m) chimpanzee with arms 8' (2.4 m) long to get about below and work some of the gear."

Well, she looked nice enough as she rubbed up behind a visiting old privately owned converted lifeboat the other day in Stormoway.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

You know, don't you!

I don't usually 'do' colour. I can't 'do' colour it seems but that didn't stop me recently when Mr Boyd returned a back for the Hassie with some slide film loaded. Went round to see David the music man and see his 1700s violin things. Very lovely they are too. Sounded all nice- a right jolly racket. And no, it's not meant to be in focus. I'll show you the in focus ones - assuming I have any - when you have acclimatised to colour a bit.