Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Sunday Shopper

I hate shopping. I hate shopping on all days if I'm honest.
On Sundays here you cannot shop - much - as it happens. The day is quiet and nice - apart from the hoardes of church goers driving at 5mph and parking all over the place. There are some retail places open but they get "threatened" by certain parts of the community from time to time so there aren't too many of them stay open and as a result not too many shoppers.

I like it quiet like that but please, if you wish do go and shop at the places that are open - it's is your right. There's a garage shop that is famously open and now a Tweed shop.   Do not be cowed by the vocal minority.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

For "The Cludgy"

At the suggestion of some of my fan, I have started this little series of prints - all to be taken on the island - for the cludgy wall.

On Fotospeed RC - as if you cared :-)

Monday, August 14, 2017


I'm loving the aesthetic that was around in the Provoke era. All that challenging norms, high contrast and what have you. I touched on it before you know. I didn't really know much about it then and I'm not much the wiser now. However, time has passed by and I can re-configure images to that look at will you know - as with Hils here.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Must do this again

A couple of weeks back - back when the world wasn't threatened [so much] by an idiot with small hands and an equally small brain - Eve and I went on a bike ride together. How good was that> Veyr as it happens since I have been afflicted by ME/CFS for over a decade and a half and this sort of thing is usually off the menu for me. Only, as I mentioned before Bespoke cycles have e-bikes for hire, so I got one for an hour. Fabulous. Must do it again sometime - once I regained my strength from the last one.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Kiev 4

I treated myself to an old Kiev4 Soviet rangefinder camera the other day - a birthday presi to myself as it were. I mean, I am old you know. Anyway, said camera has the Jupiter 8 lens on it - a fine performer I'm told. I was given one of these cameras some years back though it is plagued by lightleaks through the rangefinder window. I was hoping this one wasn't.

I shot a roll of film through it quickly - and yes there are light leaks although I suspect it is from the camera back rather than the rangefinder window so there is hope.

Caught Toots blessing his bacon butty the other day - the lens sees that fine I think

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Visual Artist

This is Katie a visual artist. Proper and everything despite not wearing a beret. Uses colours as well.

I was in an Lanntair yesterday, minding my own business - and others' business as well - obvs - when Mr Alex Boyd of that parish introduced me to this delightful young lady with a very interesting blog..  Go on, check it etc but come back after.

I've seen snaps by HCB of Artists so I thought I'd do one too. Not sure I've shown Katie at her very best here - I blame it on the film I used - and the technique but rather like the snap all the same.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

What's going on?

Seems to be an exodus of incomers from the island as the tourists pour in. Or maybe it's just my friends that are going! Had a bath this year and everything so it can't be that.

The sun is shining again so just back from a stroll on the beach [as I write this]. That's where I learned the news from one or the soon to be gone peeps.

Still, Eve & I love here[despite all the tourists] and are not going anywhere at the mo.